Adding flavorsto your life

We build a financial service that sticks to the basics so that anyone can enjoy greater benefits in an extremely easy and fun way

Adding flavors to your life

By connecting a variety of membership cards, we offer the most essential benefits to you

Vani, the Vietnamese word for Vanilla, is inspired by Plain Vanilla. In financial markets, this refers to products with the simplest underlying structure. Vanilla’s goal is to provide a wide variety of financial services that are easy and convenient.

We are a global financial service established by Hanwha Group 

Vanila Studio was established by Hanwha Group to build a digital business platform in Southeast Asia. Vanila Studio entered Vietnam in 2022 and established a subsidiary called Vani Studio Vietnam Company.

CI | Korea
CI | Vietnam

Transform your financial life with leading technology 

Vani, a mobile membership wallet created by top Fintech experts. With the most simple and secured service, our challenge to transform everyday financial life still goes on.